Need Fine Art, Mirrors, or Collectibles Hung on Your Walls?

Sacramento Picture Hanging has been professionally handling and installing artwork and other special projects for more than 15 years.  We have attached art to walls made of drywall, stone, brick, tile and concrete.  The title of “Professional Picture Hanger” means we are capable of hanging nearly every type of photo, picture, mirror, antique, artwork, instrument, or special project.  This includes over-sized mirrors and artwork, portrait and print collections, prized instruments, and much more. No framed item or special project is too big or too small for our team.

We understand the logistics of hanging very large or awkwardly shaped items and use the appropriate tools and mounting hardware to secure your treasures to your wall so you have no worries of it ever falling off.  You can be certain of our experience and skill to safely hang almost anything  you can imagine on your walls.  We will take away the pressure of hanging your projects so that they will become a great focal point in your home,  business or office.  Call us today for a free estimate at (916) 344-0402

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Why Hire a Professional to Hang Pictures?

Anyone who has ever tried hanging pictures knows how frustrating and stressful the process can be.  There is the measuring, the eye-balling, the remeasuring,  and don’t mention the hammering of holes in your walls

It is our job to sort through all of the variables for hanging your art, mirrors, or pictures so you dont have to. There are several things we take into account for each project such as material, weight, shape, size, as well as the best places for hanging them or and how to group them on the wall.

When you hire Sacramento Picture Hanging you can rest assured that your photos and artwork will be hung properly and securely.  Hiring a professional to hang your pictures will also save you the worry of whether or not it’s going to stay on your wall.

Professional Art Hanging

How Long Does It Take to Hang Artwork?

Hanging pictures can be difficult due to finding the best location and height for display. Other factors might include awkward shapes and sizes. We will always come equipped with the correct materials needed to hang your project, but there are still details to consider such as weighing, measuring, and leveling. Some projects move along quickly and some others may be more time-consuming.

We do our best to be efficient with all hanging projects, but take our time to ensure your valued items are properly and securely in place.  Call us today for a free estimate at (916) 344-0402.

Precision Pictures Hanging

Tools Used to Hang Mirrors, Pictures, and Special Projects

What we use to hang objects depends mostly upon the size, material, shape, and weight of your items. That along with what type of wall upon which they will be hung; drywall, stone, brick, or concrete help us to decide which tools to use.

We also use standard hardware that you would expect, such as screws, nails, D-rings, and hanging wire. We are always prepared with the proper tools and hardware to make our visit as efficient and cost effective as possible. Call us today for a free estimate at (916) 344-0402.

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